My name is DJ Johnson, 2009 & 2012 Central Florida
    FSMTA Sports Massage Therapist of the year. Former
    Coordinator of the Florida Massage Therapy Assn
    Sports Team which was recognized as the 2008, 2010
    and 2012 FloridabSports Team of the Year..

    I specialize in Active Isolated Stretching, Swedish,
    Sports, Deep Tissue, Geriatric, Hospice. Therapeutic
    and Chair Massage Treatments in your home, at your
    business, on your vacation, at your special event or fund-

    I received my massage therapy training at West Side
    Tech from a distinguished member of the Florida
    Massage Therapy Board.

    As a retired businessman, native New Yorker, long-time
    competitive runner, race walker and athletic coach, I
    understand from personal experience the benefits of
    massage for body, mind and spirit. I understand the
    unique needs of  both athletes and seniors.

    I became interested in Massage Therapy after completing
    the last mile of  a very hot and humid 1980 Honolulu
    Marathon with hamstring spasms. 2 Japanese therapists
    worked on the hamstrings for 30 to 45 minutes by
    utilizing a Shiatsu Massage Technique.

    The very next day I ran 10 miles with no ill effects from
    the marathon. So I made a resolution that some day I
    would help others in the same way.

    I enjoy helping all achieve the goal of optimizing the body
    to perform either every day activities or athletic events at
    the highest possible level.

    I've attained numerous awards and experience in:
    Coaching and playing basketball & soccer.
    Coaching Track and Field.
    Coaching Long Distance Runners & Walkers.
    Sports & Event Team Coordinator for the Central
    Florida State Massage Therapy Assn.

    My actual name is Darwin, but some of my AKAs are
    DJ, Dr. J, Dr. DJ, Dr. Johnson. These AKAs seem to
    follow me around due to my meticulous way of ensuring
    that tasks are fully completed accurately.
Personal running record (PRs) most during my
open experience in the 70s & 80s:

Marathons: 45  Clock 2:59 Net time 2:56
20 Miles 2:12
½ Marathon 1:21
10 Miles 1:01
10K 36:50
5 Miles 29:30
5K 17:41
2 Miles 10:40

Personal race walking record as a Master

Marathons: 4  Net time 5:41
½ Marathon 2:44
15K 1:47:51

Includes the 2007 Disney Goofy Challenge,
1/2 Marathon Saturday & a Full Marathon
the next day.

Total Marathons 45

See you at the 2015 NYC Marathon.
         Mile 26  
1980 Honolulu Marathon