Hi Darwin...I can congratulate you on your recent award (Central Florida Sports
Massage Therapist of the year for 2008 &  for 2009).  I'm glad to know that your
expertise and intuitive touch are officially recognized!  And I'm also really thankful to have
benefited from your ever evolving skills.  
Love, Debby (NJ)

I would like to thank-you (Noreen) for the great seated massage that I received from you
during the CAMEX convention in Florida.  It was the best one I have had.  And since I
work at a college that teaches Massage Therapy, I have had many massages.  What a
great job!!! Thanks again,
Karen L. (MN)

"I have a small pain on my left hip that travels to my left leg. I arrived tense, tired, and in
pain on my left side. Your massage has released the tension. I am going to be able to
sleep tonight. You (DJ) have a tender touch and a peaceful presence that made me feel
very comfortable. Thank you for your therapy."
Carmen M. (PA)

"After one massage treatment from you (Noreen) my Sciatica is gone." -Johnny Q.

"Unlike other massage therapists I've been to, DJ took the time to ask where I needed
help, and did exactly what I needed--and more. The massage loosened up tight muscles
in my shoulders and lower back. When it was over (all too soon), I felt totally relaxed
and at the same time, strong. I've recommended him to my friends and family."
Donna R. (NJ)

"'(Noreen) I usually get a massage twice a week and this is one of the best ones I've had"
-David F.(President, Green Brook-Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Hummer)  NADA Convention

"I will not forget my first massage by “DJ” for the following reasons: One, he asked me
how I would like it, and what part of my body needed to be addressed. At the end of the
hour, I didn’t want it over. His “touch” was right on."
Doris W. (NJ)

" (Noreen) This is the best massage I have ever had in my life, can I extend my time to 2
1/2 hrs?"-
Don C. (President, Texas Car Dealership) NADA Convention

"I loved it. I really feel relax. He found all the right spots. I will definitely have a massage
real soon."
Johanna R. (FL)

" (Noreen) Thanks for the excellent massage, I need one of these every day since my job
is so stressful" - Jim F. (Sprint-Wireless Solutions Consultant)

"I tried everything to relieve my Sciatica. DJ was able to greatly reduce the pain after one
session of stretching."
Lorraine NJ

" (Noreen) Total relief from discomfort in my neck, lower back and arm, after five
Jane B. Fl